A series of cards designed and riso-printed for a Focus Ireland fundraiser during Christmas 2020. The cards came in packs of four and each one was punched with a hole so they could be hung as a decoration. The reverse contained space for a stamp and an address so they could also be put in the post. 
A short video was created as a thank you to all those who donated and to Designist on George's Street and Hark in Dalkey that sold them throughout December. A total of €1220 was raised for homeless services in Dublin.

Credits: A big thank you to Matt Dillon for turning my storyboards into this animation and to Damn Fine Print for the printing. Both donated their time so that the full proceeds could go to Focus Ireland.

The audio is a loop taken from Pharoah Sanders "Love is Everywhere" from the Love is in Us All album (1974, Impulse Records).