m.emoire is a highly personal collection of prose and poetry written as a tribute to the author’s late wife Margaret (m). 
The author describes their 42 years together as a marriage with 6 lives. “Every 7 years it changed. But there wasn’t to be a seventh — growing old together — to complete the cycle.” The book’s grid, its six-sevenths of a slipcase, the blind embossing and much of its typographic detail are based on this idea of numbers, sequence and something missing. 
88pp Text and 8pp dust-jacket plus a blind-embossed cover on Arcoprint Milk with 180gsm Translucent Vellum endpapers. 
Client: Augustus Young (Author). Role: Art Direction, Design and Production.
Credits: Duras Press (Publisher), Huib Fens (Cover Painting).
Award: 100 Archive 2014