What Next Festival Identity, posters, banner and programme
A proposal for Dance Limerick's What Next Festival made use of some of the striking photography of the dancers during performances. The shape of the title of the festival takes its cue each time from the form of the dancer's body... and by doing so enters the dynamic space of the stage.
By choosing a different hero image each year, a new shape of title is achieved and when combined with the festival's signature yellow, an annually evolving yet easily recognisable identity is achieved. The interplay between text and performer emphasises the motion that is being captured and asks the viewer to consider the next movement that may occur.
A second lock-up option of the title was supplied for use in other formats and contexts allowing further flexibility for festival material during the annual event and throughout the year.
Client: Dance Limerick. Role: Concept, Design and Production.
Credits: Tralee print (Printing). Annavan Kooij (poster image photograph 2023), Simon Lazewski (photograph as part of proposal 2022) and Katja Renner (photograph as part of proposal 2021).